Dog Training: Creating a Successful Road Map to a Greater Human/Animal Bond

Montgomery dog training

Montgomery pet owners – Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital’s dog training program creates a foundational roadmap for successful training and behavior modification so your pet can be the BEST pet he can be.

Some dogs need simple obedience training, which is command based–sit, down, stay, drop it, etc.—while some dogs need behavioral training, which is more psychology-based—impulse control, reactivity, relationship, insecurity, dominance, etc. However, most dogs need a combination of the two. The training programs at Taylor Crossing are designed to determine the needs of each dog, then deliver the training that will “make your pet the best pet he or she can be!”

Dog Training Services at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital

There are multiple packages within the overall training program in order to fit the needs of the client and their dog(s).  Every dog (and every dog/human pair) is different, and this variety of options will allow us to tailor our services to each client’s needs and desires.

  • Beginner Obedience
    • 6-week course, 1 hour per week
    • Training basics/methodologies, jumping, sit, down, stay, impulse control, leash walking, leave it, door manners, recall, drop it
    • Class includes training leash (6’ Mighty Mini Super Slip Lead) and a K + H Pet Cot (see below)
    • Owner is required to bring provided leash and cot to class each week
    • Investment: $200 includes training leash and cot
  • Intermediate Obedience
    • 6-week course, 1 hour per week
    • Heel, impulse control with distractions, recall with distractions, public access (off-site training),  Canine Good Citizen preparation
    • Prerequisite to enroll either a completed Beginner Obedience course with Ashton or an obedience evaluation with Ashton (separate charge for evaluation $45)
    • Investment: $175

Private Lessons are also a way to enhance your dog’s behavior during Obedience Training and get some one-on-one attention.

  • 30-Minute lessons
    • Obedience Evaluations
    • Two Commands
    • All private lessons are onsite at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital
    • Investment: $45
  • 1-Hour Lessons
    • Behavioral Evaluations
    • Obedience Evaluations
    • Four commands
    • All private lessons are onsite at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital
    • Investment: $80

Puppy Clinics

  • Appropriate Puppy Play
    • A one-hour mini body-language clinic/social hour for puppies under one year old and under forty pounds. This clinic teaches appropriate play and how to step in when play becomes inappropriate.
    • Investment: $25/puppy
    • All puppies must be at least 12 weeks old and have proof of Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP, and negative intestinal parasite screen
    • Non- Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital clients will need to register and have proof of vaccinations to Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital at least 3 days before the clinic
  • Potty Training Clinic
    • Teaches humans how to potty train a new puppy
    • Handouts and open discussion format.
    • This clinic is for humans only.
    • Investment: $25
  • Puppy Basics (freeshaping)
    • 2 hours, working spots ($75) and auditing spots ($35)
    • Simple games to teach your puppy to follow commands, offer good behaviors, and stimulate their puppy brains.
Workshops (2 hours)

  • Body Language (Auditing spots for humans only – no dogs)
    • Teaches humans how dogs communicate, how to spot inappropriate play, how to avoid fights, and how to be an advocate for your dog
  • Leash Walking
    • Teaches how to correct dogs from pulling on the leash, how to encourage a relaxed heel position, and how to handle distractions while walking
  • Recall
    • Teaches humans how to get dog’s attention while off-leash, how to get a dog to “come” when called, and how to handle distractions
  • Impulse Control
    • Teaches humans how to build self-control in their dogs, including dealing with distractions in a high-excitement environment
  • Tricks
    • 2 hours, working spots only ($75)
    • Build your bond with your dog by learning fun tricks together! Great for dogs who need more mental stimulation!
  • Jumping and Counter Surfing
    • 2 hours, working spots ($75) and auditing spots ($35)
    • Teach your dog that it is impolite to jump up on people and steal things off your kitchen counters
  • Adventure Course
    • 1 hour, working spots only ($75)
    • An obstacle course designed for you and your dog to complete together! A great way to build your bond with your active dog!
  • Kids’ Clinic
    • 2 hours, working spots only ($75), children 8-14 years old
    • The kids get to be the dog trainers! A simplified version of our beginner obedience class in which the kids learn about positive reinforcement training, the responsibility required to have a family dog, and a few tricks too!

All dogs must have proof of Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP, and negative intestinal parasite screen. Investment: $75 per workshop for working pair (dog & human) or $35 for owner only to audit class Registration materials must be received at least 3 days prior to first class.

Sport Classes – (Private & Group Classes Available)

  • Beginner Swimmers
    • Helps dogs overcome the fear of the water, teaches proper swimming technique, teaches dogs to “find the steps” in a swimming pool, teaches swimming confidence
  • Intro to Nosework
    • Nosework is an activity that allows your dog to use their natural desire to sniff and hunt all while building confidence and using their minds
    • While our course is just for fun, it is an excellent introduction to a sport that is nationally recognized and is similar to the training used for drug and bomb-sniffing dogs
  • Foundational Agility
    • Great for puppies who need an energy outlet, older dogs who need some exercise, or any dog that needs some mental stimulation
    • This class focuses on handler/dog communication, building confidence and self-awareness, muscle development, and body awareness
  • Tricks Training
    • Designed as a fun course to stimulate your dog’s mind and increase your bond. Some of the tricks often covered include “sit pretty,” “roll over,” “pray,” balancing cookies, “back up,” and “crawl,” but the sky’s the limit! If you have a particular trick in mind, we can try that too!
    • Only group classes available at this time

Training Class Details

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The Beginner Obedience Class price include a training leash and training cot (click here to view and learn more), which the owner will need to bring to each lesson.

Family members are welcomed and encouraged to attend–however, only one handler will be allowed on the training floor.  All handlers must be at least 18 years of age.

Unattended and disruptive “humans”  will be asked to leave for their safety.

REQUIRED: Dogs must be up-to-date on all vaccinations, which includes Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella and Canine Flu and have a recent intestinal parasite screen (fecal exam).

REQUIRED:  Pre-registration is required for all classes and no late entrance during a class.  Download the Dog Training Agreement and Release Form and bring a completed copy with you to your first class. If you are not a client at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital, you must send a copy of all vaccinations and submit a New Client Form at least 3 days prior to your first class (view calendar).

Your Montgomery Dog Trainer at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital

Montgomery Dog Trainer Ashton Wells

Ashton Hibbs Wells, Professional Trainer / Dog Behaviorist, has over 7 years dog training and pet resort managerial experience. Her training and behavior programs focus on the dog/human relationship, teaching the human how to successfully communicate with and train their dog as well as teaching the human to understand how their dog communicates with them.  A graduate of Furman University with a  Masters from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Ashton has the educational foundation and experience needed to assist you with behavior and training techniques that focus on the dog/human relationship. She is the Resort Manager and Professional Trainer/Dog Behaviorist at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital in Montgomery.

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