Surgical procedures can be stressful for a pet owner as well as the pet. Fortunately, our clients can be assured the veterinary staff at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital upholds the highest standards of veterinary care to ensure our patients are treated with compassion, care, and the most up to date veterinary protocol available.

We routinely perform diagnostic procedures, tumor removal, curative surgery, obstruction removal, dentistry procedures, spays, neuters, and orthopedics.

All surgical procedures are done under the safest conditions, monitored by EKGs, pulseoximeters, cardiac monitors, and supported by intravenous fluid therapy.

Many of our procedures are done utilizing our surgical laser. The laser minimizes bleeding, pain and infection. To further support our goal for exceptional pet care, we have an on-site technician living at our facility who provides continued care for our hospitalized patients after we close each day.