24 Hour Phone: (334) 260-8787

Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital has a technician on-site 24 hours each day for our clients' emergency veterinary needs. If your pet has an urgent need, please call the number above and we will be there for you, any time, day or night.

Meet the Team


The veterinarians and staff at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital (including a bilingual veterinarian who speaks Spanish) have earned a reputation for providing the highest level of service and the finest veterinary care any River Region animal hospital has to offer. We have an exceptional team you’re sure to love!

Cat Care


Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital is a certified Cat Friendly Practice®, with staff trained in the care and handling of cats as well as cat behavior.

Dental Care


Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital provides the most up-to-date procedures, utilizing digital and dental x-rays to identify diseases and problems that are not visible above the gum line.

Digital X-Ray


Our ability to quickly and accurately obtain precise x-ray images in house means less waiting for you and your pet.

Lab & Pharmacy


The hospital is serviced by our own laboratory and pharmacy. Most lab work is done in-house, allowing for quicker interpretation and diagnostics.

Laser Therapy


Laser therapy treats many conditions such as arthritis, back pain and disc disease, skin and ear infections, post-surgical and non-healing wounds, sprains, burns, bites, and mouth pain.

Surgery & Laser Surgery


Our clients can be assured the veterinary staff at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital upholds the highest standards of veterinary care to ensure our patients are treated with compassion, care, and the best and most up to date veterinary protocol available.



At Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital, ultrasound examinations are performed using a noninvasive imaging technique that generally does not require any sedation and causes minimal stress to your pet.

Wellness & Senior Care


Regular veterinary examinations keep your pet healthy at all stages of life. Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital recommends annual physical exams, which will allow for early detection of any pet health issues and the best possible chance of recovery.