Body Language Clinic
Sunday, August 4th, from 1- 3 pm
Pet Parents ONLY – No Dogs

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? In our two-hour clinic, our Professional Dog Trainer and Resort Manager, Ashton Wells, will discuss how our dogs communicate with each other and with us.

Learn to recognize when your dog is feeling happy-go-lucky or afraid, being dominant or submissive, looking for trouble or trying to avoid it. Learn to recognize the signals given before a bite occurs.

This clinic can not only improve the communication between you and your dog, but it can also help keep your dog and your non-furry family members safe.

Two-hour clinic: auditing spots only (humans only, no dogs) ($50)

This is for humans only – but the clinic will incorporate employee’s dogs to see behaviors in real time.

 Learn more and register (required) for Body Language Clinic by calling 334-260-8787 or click here for more info and to see all upcoming classes!